How to Buy or Sell a Facebook Group in 2024 (Complete Guide)

Facebook wants to amass 1 billion meaningful group members. While it has more than a billion users using groups, “meaningful” groups are communities that become a critical part of a user’s experience. In concert with its goal, Facebook makes frequent enhancements to group and admin tools. Arguably, groups are one of the main reasons users return daily.

Years ago, I saw the potential of Facebook Groups. So, I created a community for instructors to promote their online courses. My group grew to 40,000+ members, and it enabled me to generate passive income and drive traffic to my website. I was also able to build relationships with like-minded individuals. I liked owning my group so much that I purchased two more and grew my members under management (MUM) to 125,000. The other two groups focused on marketing and ecommerce. My goal was to reach half a million MUM.

LinkedIn Premium Review: Is It Worth Paying for in 2024?

LinkedIn has never been the shiniest object among its social media peers. However, it’s arguably one of the most valuable websites for career and business development activities, including recruiting talent, applying for jobs, generating leads, getting clients, and networking. So, let’s review its premium plans in this post.

LinkedIn offers free and premium accounts/plans, which 830 million people use to maintain online professional profiles in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

26 Best Sites Like Udemy for Online Learning & Courses (2024)

Udemy is a popular e-learning destination where millions of learners take online courses. However, many e-learning alternatives and robust competitors exist. This post will explore sites like Udemy that are excellent for online learning, training, education, and certifications.

27 Sites Like Upwork for Freelancer Jobs & Clients (2024)

Upwork is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces, and companies of every size use it from one-person startups to major corporations. Businesses can quickly find and hire freelancers while freelancers can search for work and submit proposals. Upwork’s platform simplifies contracts, time tracking, invoicing, payment, and more. It offers three service tiers including, standard, pro, and enterprise. Upwork Pro, for instance, features personalized assistance to help employers find premium, pre-vetted talent.

Freelance projects are available in a range of categories including web and mobile development, marketing, sales, design, writing, virtual assistance, customer service, and more. Freelancers can do hourly and fixed-priced jobs and choose one of many methods to collect payments such as direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, and so on.

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