34 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 2024 (Earn Passive Income)

Let’s understand how recurring affiliate programs work before we make passive income and commissions for life. Then, in this post, let’s review the best recurring affiliate programs for beginners and experienced publishers.

A recurring affiliate program pays a commission indefinitely, and commissions come from ongoing customer payments. For instance, a customer pays $60 monthly to a digital marketing software company, and the affiliate gets a 40% monthly commission rate, resulting in $24. Naturally, recurring affiliate programs can be very profitable for marketers.

20+ Best Crypto Affiliate Programs in 2024

Many crypto companies use affiliate marketing programs to grow their customers and revenue. A crypto affiliate program will pay an affiliate for achieving a desired action, such as a sale. We’ll review the highest-paying and best crypto and bitcoin affiliate programs for you to join in this post.

A crypto merchant or advertiser may use one or multiple cost-per-action (CPA) models to compensate affiliates, including cost-per-sale/pay-per-sale, cost-per-lead/pay-per-lead, and cost-per-transaction/pay-per-transaction. A transaction is a trade, deposit, money transfer, or financial activity involving money. For instance, a merchant will pay affiliates a 40% commission on referral trading fees.

Udemy Affiliate Program: Make $1,000 Monthly in 2024?

Udemy is a global marketplace for e-learning and teaching online. Students master new skills by learning from an extensive library of courses in 15 categories and 100+ subcategories. Its bestselling categories include web, mobile, and app development, IT and software, business, marketing, and personal growth. A few instructors have made millions of dollars on Udemy (primarily due to internal marketing support and favoritism).

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