20+ Best Crypto Affiliate Programs in 2024

May 22, 2024

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Many crypto companies use affiliate marketing programs to grow their customers and revenue. A crypto affiliate program pays an affiliate for achieving a desired action, such as a sale. In this post, we’ll review the highest-paying and best crypto and bitcoin affiliate programs for you to join.

A crypto merchant or advertiser may use one or multiple cost-per-action (CPA) models to compensate affiliates, including cost-per-sale/pay-per-sale, cost-per-lead/pay-per-lead, and cost-per-transaction/pay-per-transaction. A transaction is a trade, deposit, money transfer, or financial activity involving money. For instance, a merchant will pay affiliates a 40% commission on referral trading fees.

Crypto merchants pay affiliates in cash, bitcoins, and cryptos, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Several companies run programs on Impact and CJ Affiliate. The benefits of dealing with those networks are their reputation, tracking, and payment efficiencies. You’ll also find many merchants using in-house affiliate marketing software. Lastly, some programs don’t disclose their cookie duration, but you can assume 30 to 90 days.

Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Many merchants lure publishers with recurring commission affiliate programs that pay for a user’s lifetime trading activities. For example, suppose you refer Alice to Binance. Next, Alice gets verified, starts trading, takes a break for a year, and then resumes trading. You’ll earn a percentage of Alice’s trading fees regardless of when she trades. On the other hand, some companies limit recurring payouts to months or cycles; for example, Coinbase limits payments to three months.

Crypto merchants infrequently disclose cookie durations for tracking clicks, but they are usually over 30 days on affiliate networks. For example, Kraken offers a 180-day cookie duration on Impact.

Binance Affiliate Program


Binance is a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency platform with a product suite that includes the most prominent digital asset exchange by volume. Its products and services include trading, storage (Trust Wallet), proprietary coins (BUSD and BNB), education, data, research, social causes, funding, decentralization, infrastructure solutions, APIs, and a debit card.

Binance supports over 100 million users globally across 40+ languages. Last year, it exceeded 300 billion in spot transactions and routinely did 50 billion in average daily volume.

Binance’s affiliate program pays up to 50% recurring commissions on referral transactions for spot, futures, pool, NFT, liquid swaps, and dual investment. Additionally, Binance has a referral program for individuals not qualifying for its affiliate program. The program uses in-house tracking software, and payouts are in cryptos.

Eightcap Affiliate Program


Eightcap offers uncapped earning potential with over 1,000+ trading assets, including 300+ crypto derivatives, forex, stocks, and indices. They offer MT4, MT5, and TradingView, allowing clients to chart and trade more successfully. With dedicated partner account managers and rich client referral metrics, Eightcap has an industry-leading affiliate program.

Eightcap’s affiliate program pays up to $6 per lot in IB rebates and revenue-sharing. Affiliates get a 30-day cookie duration and must meet a $100 minimum to receive commissions.


BitMart is a cryptocurrency services company offering spot, margin, derivatives, and OTC trading. Furthermore, users can save, stake, launch tokens, and complete tasks for additional earnings.

BitMart’s affiliate program pays 50% to 100% on spot and futures trading based on three performance tiers. Affiliates qualifying for the “BitMart Inspiration Club” earn 40% to 60%. Alternatively, BitMart has a referral program that pays 40%.


Bybit is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges, with over a million registered users. Its products and features include spot and marketing trading, leveraged tokes, trading bots, VIP and broker programs, leaderboards, institutional services, perpetual and inverse contracts, options, mining, and more.

Marketers can earn up to 50% on spot and derivative transactions from Bybit’s affiliate program. They can also earn 10% from their sub-affiliates. Over 100,000 people have joined the program.


Bitsgap provides innovative trading automation tools to help you earn extra cryptocurrency. Automate trading with powerful bots to profit from price swings and technical indicators. For instance, you can implement a GRID investment strategy to buy BTC on dips as it becomes cheaper and hold it to sell later.

Bitsgap’s affiliate program pays a 30% commission per sale and has a 30-day cookie. Additionally, monthly competitions share prize pool earnings with the top 25 affiliates.


Coinbase‘s offerings include a wallet, a stablecoin (USD Coin), private client services, NFTs, lending, a debit card, payroll, coin tutorials, and advanced trading tools. In addition, businesses can use Coinbase for payments, asset listings, compliance, direct exchange access, and institutional services. Lastly, developers can access tools like APIs, stacking, and blockchain data.

Coinbase’s affiliate program pays 50% recurring commissions for three months on referral transactions. It has a 30-day cookie window and runs on Impact. However, Coinbase only approves 2% of applications and no longer accepts UK affiliates.


Kraken is one of the world’s largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges. It offers various digital assets and fiat currencies, margin trading, indices, futures, OTC, account management, and staking.

Kraken’s affiliate program runs on Impact. It offers a commission of 20% of client trading fees and a 180-day cookie period. The payout threshold is $10, and various marketing resources are available. Kraken also has a referral program.


Changelly is a fast and secure way to exchange, trade, and purchase 150+ cryptocurrencies in minutes. Its exchange partnerships include Binance, Trezor, Coinomi, Exodus, and ZenGo.

Changelly’s program offers a choice of revenue sharing, CPI, CPA, or Hybrid, including up to 50% RevShare on crypto exchange or purchase referral transactions. The payout minimum is $30 in USDT.

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Coinmama offers an easy, fast, and secure way to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos. Purchase options include a bank account, SWIFT, SEPA, and debit card.

Coinmama’s affiliate program, one of the longest-running cryptocurrency affiliate programs, pays up to 30% commissions and supports multi-currency payouts, including BTC, USD, EUR, and NIS.


Coinrule is a trading bot that allows you to automate your cryptocurrency trading. It works by sending trading instructions to various cryptocurrency exchanges on your behalf. It has multiple plans: Starter, Hobbyist, Trader, and Pro.

Join Coinrule’s affiliate program on Impact, which pays 25%- 30% with a 400-day cookie window. There is also a referral program.


KuCoin allows you to buy, sell, and trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies. It provides spot and derivative trading, lending, staking, APIs, promotion, rewards, DeFi, Web3, bots, mining, P2P, and more.

KuCoin’s program has attracted over 16,000 affiliates. It pays up to 60% on spot, futures, and margin transactions and supports sub-affiliate earnings.

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OKX makes it easy to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. It offers multiple products and services, including spot and margin trading, derivatives, perpetual swaps, trading bots, block trading, multi-leg structures, DeFi, staking, fixed income, savings, and loans.

Earn up to 50% lifetime commissions in USDT from OKX’s affiliate program, which supports over 15,000 influencers and marketers. The program has a 180-day referral period and a sub-affiliate tier.


StormGain offers an efficient trading platform with a 300x multiplier to profit from the growth or decline of crypto assets. Users can also receive trading signals and trade options, practice trading, and trade commission-free.

StormGain’s affiliate program offers two commission plans: up to $1,200 CPA or up to 35% of gross trading revenue. Multilingual, high-converting banners, landing pages, and other marketing materials are available.


Wazirx is India’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange for buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Litecoin, and other coins. Its REST API for spot transactions helps you automate real-time trades, stream live crypto rates, and build different trading integrations.

Wazirx’s referral program pays up to 50% of user trading fees. Earnings or referrals are not capped, and payouts are in WRX coin.

Blockonomics Affiliate Program


Blockonomics is a decentralized and permissionless Bitcoin payment solution. As one of the highest and most rated WHMCS plugins, it allows you to accept Bitcoin for your online store, create and send invoices anonymously, and track your activities.

The Blockonomics affiliate program pays 30% on the 1% they charge users. For example, you’ll earn $30 on a $10,000 transaction. Payouts are made in Bitcoin, and affiliates must create a ticket to request commissions.


MyCryptoCheckout enables you to accept peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency payments, eliminating intermediaries and transaction fees. Also, payments flow directly from the customer to any wallet you choose, making it an excellent payment gateway for WooCommerce and WordPress.

Earn 15% for each sale from MyCrytoCheckout’s affiliate program. Payouts are processed at the beginning of each month, and affiliates get a 90-day referral window.


Koinly calculates your cryptocurrency taxes and helps you reduce them for next year. It supports 350+ exchanges, 50+ wallets, 160+ blockchains, and 10+ services, making calculating your taxes simple, quick, and reliable.

Koinly’s affiliate program pays 20% lifetime commissions and has a payout threshold of $100. Affiliates can request payouts every 30 days to their PayPal accounts.


CoinLedger (formerly CryptoTrader.Tax) is an all-in-one portfolio tracking and crypto tax software that integrates with leading platforms, such as TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct. In just a few minutes, CoinLedger calculates your taxable income from capital gains, NFTs, and DeFi transactions and supports tax reporting in the United States and other countries worldwide.

CoinLedger pays 25% recurring commissions for the life of the customer. The program’s minimum payout to PayPal accounts is $30.

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Ledger Wallet

Ledger is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. It sells hardware wallets, accessories, cases, and capsules. Also, Ledger Live allows you to buy, sell, send, and receive crypto, grow your assets, and manage NFTs.

Ledger Wallet seeks YouTubers, bloggers, crypto companies, financial platforms, DAOs, and gaming communities to promote its products. The affiliate program is available in-house, on Impact, and through Amazon Associates. On Impact, it pays 10% with a 30-day cookie duration.


Trezor sells industry-leading hardware wallets and accessories, providing advanced security for 1,000+ cryptocurrencies. Users can easily manage coins, keys, and passwords.

Affiliates can earn 12% to 15% on sales from Trezor’s program. Payouts are available in Bitcoins and Euros.

Best Crypto Niches

Crypto exchanges and trading apps make up the bulk of affiliate program offers, followed by wallets and payment tools. Here’s how that looks for crypto affiliate niches and sample commission rates.

Top Crypto NichesCommission Examples
Crypto trading$1,200 per active user
Crypto lending$500 per transaction
Crypto wallet15% per sale
Decentralized finance (De-Fi)$25 per transaction
Crypto payment10% per sale
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)20% per sale

Start Earning

Can you make money with Bitcoin and crypto affiliate programs? Yes, you can. Millions of people trade cryptos, and new users enter the market daily. However, bad actors, legal dramas, company collapses, and exchange theft remain a concern, so stay close to developments to understand how those items impact the landscape.

Scour the crypto marketplace for high-paying affiliate and referral programs because many exist. Some companies, like Binance and Coinbase, also have referral and affiliate programs. Typically, referral programs are for existing customers to promote to their families and friends. They lack sophisticated tracking and reporting. On the other hand, affiliate programs are for marketers and content creators to promote to their followers, subscribers, and fans.

Get paid twice. Crypto affiliate programs pay some of the highest recurring commission rates in affiliate marketing, and some merchants pay commissions on sub-affiliate earnings. A sub-affiliate is an affiliate recruited by another affiliate. ByBit, BitMart, Bitfinex, KuCoin, and OKX have sub-affiliate programs paying up to 30%.

Amazon and eBay have affiliate programs and sell crypto-related products, including apparel, books, accessories, and more. In addition, Coursera, edX, and other e-learning sites have online courses about cryptocurrency and blockchain. You might also promote other financial affiliate programs to increase your commissions.

The crypto market is volatile and not for everyone. So, consider if your audience is a good fit. If not, many other marketing opportunities and niches offer lucrative returns. Also, promote the companies you use, like, and trust to support your recommendations and content.

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